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Web Security

Menlo isolates all web traffic—good or bad—in its pool of always-on secure browsers before rendering 100% safe mirrored content on users’ devices.

Menlo provides industry-leading URL categorization, granular acceptable use policy controls and a unique Isolate+Read-Only policy offers powerful protection from phishing and credential theft, as well as enabling unique read-only access to social network sites. Menlo offers native anti-virus and sandbox capabilities or seamlessly integrates with existing solutions.

Email Security

Menlo Security Isolation Platform solution provides email threat protection by quarantining email and phishing attacks before they can exploit users and gain access to your network. Email and webmail isolation is completely transparent to end users, giving them the native email experience and functionality they’ve always enjoyed. There are no new applications to learn and no new interactions to get used to. Everything works the same as before.

Named a “Visionary” in Gartner’s Report

Menlo Security has been named a “Visionary” in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways (SWG), released by Gartner, Inc., for the second consecutive year.

The company’s vision of Secure Cloud Transformation powered by isolation provides the most secure way for enterprises to replace expensive, on-premises security appliances with a global security cloud. The Menlo Security Cloud Platform allows enterprises to embrace Secure Cloud Transformation. Powered by patented isolation technology, the global platform provides secure direct access to an Internet architecture designed for SaaS applications.  It is built on a cloud-native architecture that is elastic and auto scales processing power and throughout for seamless on-demand growth to support growth in number of users, devices, and applications.  The Menlo Security Cloud Platform provides lower latency connections than services delivered through vendor owned and managed data centers.

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