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Compucon Computers Limited is the authorised Distributor in Hong Kong for the complete range of security solutions by McAfee. With its vast portfolio of security solutions, McAfee is a renowned global brand in the industry for quality and performance. Contact us and speak with one of our teams for the latest promotions of McAfee solutions in Hong Kong.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Get real-time visibility into all activity on systems, networks, databases, and applications. As the foundation of our security information and event management (SIEM) solution, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager delivers actionable intelligence and integrations required for you to prioritize, investigate, and respond to threats, while the embedded compliance framework and built-in security content packs simplify analyst and compliance operations.

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Intelligent threat protection for virtual networks

McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform delivers a complete network security solution ready for the unique demands of private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Use industry-leading IPS signatures to patch software vulnerabilities of new and unknown servers sprawling across your private and hybrid clouds.

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McAfee Endpoint Protection

McAfee Endpoint Protection—Advanced Suite protects Windows, Mac, and Linux systems on and off your network. McAfee Endpoint Security is built for real-time communication between threat defenses. Events and threat insights are shared with multiple technologies to take immediate actions against suspicious applications, downloads, websites, and files.

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Cloud Access Security Broker Solution (CASB) from McAfee — Skyhigh

McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud™ helps the world’s largest organizations unleash the power of the cloud by providing real-time protection for enterprise data and users across all cloud services.

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