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Colasoft has dedicated itself to the development of innovative packet analysis and network performance management solutions since 2001. Besides offering real-time and retrospective network analysis software to organizations of all sizes, we are providing customized network and application performance management solutions to enterprises worldwide. Colasoft is a fast-growing company with more than half million users in over 110 countries. Featured customers include IBM, Dell, Philips, Emerson, and other industry leading companies. A more detailed customer list can be viewed at:


Colasoft Networks Inc was awarded the Best-in-class Solution Award in Business Performance and Network Security Analysis, which symbolizes the Blue Ribbon in the field of China’s Financial Information. It manifests that Colasoft has been actively contributing in China’s financial information transformation and upgrading to provide the best technology and service solutions for more and more first-class financial institutions. Large banks and insurance companies from China such as CUP, ABC, BOC, ICBC, PICC, China Life and CPIC also won the award. By cooperating closely with these financial institutions, Colasoft Solutions helps strengthen their capability of dealing with the increasingly complex business and network environment.


As a leading provider of business performance management products and solutions, Colasoft has accumulated more than 10 years of experiences and dedicated itself to help financial enterprises to set up an effective business-oriented network performance intelligent monitoring analysis system with the advanced network intelligent analysis technology.

Business Performance Management and Fault Location Solution of Colasoft Networks provides the visualization and analysis capability by integrating end-to-end interactive data, realizing the network problem disposal processes of discovering faults, locating root cause as well as tracing evidence.

l Unprecedented Overall Perspectives

Business-oriented, covering all network business processes. By combining distributive deployment and front-end high performance devices to store all of the network traffic, Colasoft provides the most accurate business performance index for network maintenance.

l Optimize Network Maintenance

With more strengthened visualization, retrospective analysis as well as powerful network protocols decoding, Colasoft can simplify and optimize your network maintenance, also locate and solve network problems quickly and accurately, letting you concentrate on business innovation.

l Improve Work Efficiency

Colasoft provides the most effective business system to improve your employees’ work efficiency.


Products and Solutions

nChronos – Network Performance Analysis Solution

nChronos is a Network Performance Analysis Solution for high performance & critical enterprise networks. It combines nChronos Console and nChronos Server to deliver the capability of 7*24 continuous packet capturing, unlimited data storage, efficient data mining and in depth traffic analysis.

RAS (nChronos) – Retrospective Analysis Systems Appliance

  • Long-term packets collection
  • Real-time analysis and alarm
  • Back-in-time analysis

UPM – Colasoft Unified Performance Management Solution

Colasoft Unified Performance Management (UPM) platform is a business-oriented network performance management solution. It is capable of monitoring service quality of all respects of a business network and quickly detecting and pinpointing problems affecting performance and stability of key business.

UPM – Business-oriented Management Solution

  • Business status monitor
  • Business performance analysis
  • Fast locate fault point

Capsa – Portable Network Analyzer

Capsa is an easy-to-use portable network analyzer. It is an ideal network tool for real-time network monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting. Capsa offers a comprehensive visibility of your LAN/WLAN network. The main capabilities of Capsa network analyzer include in-depth packet decoding, advanced protocol analysis, and automatic expert diagnosis.

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